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Work experience

Opportunities for school pupils to find out what it's like to work at The Roslin Institute

Our work experience placements for high school students provide hands-on experience of research as well as opportunities to talk to our scientists about their own career paths and the ethical, social and economic implications of their work.

Please note that research work experience placements at The Roslin Institute are only available to students aged 16 and over via our two placement programmes that run during the school summer break. We are not able to accept 'ad hoc' applications for placements throughout the year.

Science Insights

A week-long, research-focused work experience programme

Nuffield Research Placements

4-6 week summer research placements

Opportunities for young people

The Roslin Institute, and the wider Easter Bush Campus, have a range of opportunities on offer for young people.

Business Insights

A week-long, business-focused work experience programme.