Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics

Published a review in The Journal of Pathology

Jan 2015

Ailbhe Brazel and Doug Vernimmen published in the annual review issue of the Journal of Pathology: The complexity of epigenetic diseases

In this review, Ailbhe and Doug argue that (in most cases) epigenetic diseases would be genetic after all !  


Regulatory elements (enhancers) that are remote from promoters play a critical role in the spatial, temporal, and physiological control of gene expression. Studies on specific loci, together with genome-wide approaches, suggest that there may be many common mechanisms involved in enhancer-promoter communication. Here, we discuss the multiprotein complexes that are recruited to enhancers and the hierarchy of events taking place between regulatory elements and promoters.

Download Open Access paper: doi: 10.1002/path.4647