Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics

Postdoctoral Fellow in Cancer Biology

Dec 2016


Applications are invited for a postdoctoral fellowship to work on an exciting project investigating novel epigenetic regulators of cancer stem cell functions. This project will involve multidisciplinary approaches spanning stem cell and cancer biology, chromatin biology, genomics, precision medicine and computational biology. The postholder will be co-supervised by Dr Douglas Vernimmen (The Roslin Institute), Prof. Kamil R Kranc (MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine) and Prof. Chris Ponting (MRC Human Genetics Unit). This multidisciplinary project will focus on polycomb pathways of haematopoietic stem cell (HSC) functions and the role of these pathways in leukaemic stem cell behaviour. We intend to utilise this knowledge in the development drug discovery in cancer/leukaemic stem cells. The applicants should have PhD in life sciences. Expertise in mouse genetics, cell & molecular biology approaches will be an advantage. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to work as part of a team as well as semi-independently are crucial. The appointment will be for 3 years in the first instance and is available immediately.

Requests for further particulars and informal enquiries are encouraged and should be sent to Dr Douglas Vernimmen and Prof. Kamil R Kranc

For further information about the laboratory please visit:

Selected publications: Vernimmen et al., Genes & Dev. 25, 1583-1588 (2011) Vukovic/Guitart, J. Exp. Med. 212, 2223-2234 (2015) Guitart et al, Blood 122: 1741-1745 (2013) Mortensen et al, J. Exp. Med. 208:455-467 (2011) Kranc et al, Cell Stem Cell 5:659-665 (2009)

Deadline: 27th January 2017 Interview: Mid February 2017