Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics

5th Chromatin, Epigenetics, & Transcriptional Regulation Meeting

May 2016


Doug Vernimmen (Roslin) and Sari Pennings (QMRI) are organising the 5th Chromatin, Epigenetics, and Transcriptional Regulation Meeting, University of Edinburgh.

Wednesday 18th May 2016, HRB Lecture Theatre, George Square

Session 1:

Chair Doug Vernimmen

4.05-4.30: Dr Duncan Sproul (IGMM). Title: "Causes of DNA hypomethylation in cancer".

4.30-4.55: Dr Tania Auchynnikava (WTCCB) Title: "Deciphering Epi-Proteome with Next Generation Mass Spectrometry".

Session 2:

Chair Sari Pennings

4.55-5.20: Catherine Naughton (IGMM). Title: "Centromere chromatin structure: It's an open case".

5.20-5.45: Dr Tijana Mitic (Guest Speaker) Title: "Epigenetics control of vascular angiogenesis"

5.50pm: leaving the room for social drinks