Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics

4th Chromatin, Epigenetics, & Transcriptional Regulation Meeting

Feb 2016

Chromatin, Epigenetics, & Transcriptional Regulation meeting poster

Doug Vernimmen (Roslin) and Sari Pennings (QMRI) are organising the 4th Chromatin, Epigenetics, and Transcriptional Regulation Meeting, University of Edinburgh

Wednesday 10th February 2016, HRB Lecture Theatre, George Square

Session 1:

Chair Doug Vernimmen

4.05-4.30: Dr Keerthi Chathoth (Postdoc in Andrew Wood's lab, IGMM). Title: "Quantifying the influence of chromatin state on genome editing with CRISPR/Cas9"

4.30-4.55: Matt Hindle (Postdoc in Dave Burt lab, Roslin). Title: "Seasonal methylation changes in the pituitary's calendar cells"

Session 2:

Chair Sari Pennings

4.55-5.20: Harsh Vaidya (PhD Student, Blackburn lab, SCRM). Title: "Understanding the transcriptional regulation of thymic epithelial progenitor cells"

5.20-5.45: Dr Partick Heun (PI, WTCCB). Title: "Epigenetic inheritance of centromeres"

5.50pm: leaving the room for social drinks