Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics

2nd Chromatin, Epigenetics, & Transcriptional Regulation Meeting

May 2015

2nd Chromatin, Epigenetics, & Transcriptional Regulation Meeting poster

Doug Vernimmen (Roslin) and Sari Pennings (QMRI) are organising the 2nd Chromatin, Epigenetics, and Transcriptional Regulation Meeting, University of Edinburgh

Wednesday 13th May 2015, HRB Lecture Theatre, George Square

Session 1:

Chair Doug Vernimmen

4.05-4.30: John Thomson (Postdoc in Richard Meehan lab, IGMM) Title: "5-hydroxymethylcytosine profiling and cell identity"

4.30-4.55: Janice Kwok (PhD Student in Andreas Lengeling lab, Roslin) Title: "Jmjd6, an epigenetic regulator of macrophage host responses?"

Session 2:

Chair Sari Pennings

4.55-5.20: Michael Robson (PhD student Eric Schirmer lab, WTCCB) Title: "NETs coordinate gene organisation and gene expression changes during myogenesis"

5.20-5.45: Jingchao Zhang (PhD student in Ian Chambers lab, SCRM) Title: "Interactions between Otx2 and Nanog regulate the ES cell self-renewal network"

5.50pm: leaving the room for social drinks