Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics

1st Edinburgh Haematopoiesis Symposium

Feb 2016

Edinburgh Haematopoiesis Symposium poster

Doug Vernimmen launched the Edinburgh Heamatopoiesis Network to promote and facilitate multidisciplinary blood-related research interactions across campus.

To kick-off this endeavour, a symposium took place the 1st February 2016 in theRoyal College of Surgeons Symposium Hall Auditorium. The goal of the 1st Edinburgh Haematopoiesis Network Symposium is to introduce the scientific community to some of the blood research that is currently going on in Edinburgh. This symposium was sponsored by the University of EdinburghVWRMiltenyi Biotec,abcamStem Cells Technologies & Merck Millipore.

Image of a conference hall