Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics

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Chromatin Group

Our primary research interest is the control of gene transcription during cell differentiation and tumour progression. During my postdoc in Oxford, I have used the alpha globin locus as a model system for asking questions about theepigenetic control of gene regulation. Some of my important contributions include the role of remote enhancers in PolII recruitmentchromosomal looping and polycomb repressive complexes eviction.

Now the annotation of DNA elements in the human genome (Encyclopedia of DNA Elements - ENCODE project) has reached its ‘completion’, many questions still remain and functional approaches are now needed to monitor remote enhancers activities and how they activate their target genes at a single cell basis. My future aim is to characterise enhancer functions and activities using several approaches such as genetics, imaging and biochemistry. These new approaches will be combined with the techniques I have previously developed in Oxford. PhD students and post-docs will be exposed to a number of different technologies such as Genetic Engineering, Imaging, ChIP-sequencing, Bioinformatics and Mass Spectrometry in primary haematopoietic cells.

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Graduate Students

We require Scholarships and studentships to fully support PhD students who are enthusiastic about research on transcription regulation. We advise candidates to apply for any scholarships offered by the University of Edinburgh, or other sponsors. Applicants in a relevant discipline. Further information on funding is available on the University of Edinburgh Scholarships and Student Finances web site.

Postdoctoral Research Scientist 

We require a postdoctoral scientist to join the lab and will assist potential candidates develop their own Fellowship bids. Applicants should contact Dr Doug Vernimmen by email together with a copy of their CV.