Roslin Institute Chicken Embryology (RICE)

Selected References

A list of selected relevant publications from the chicken embryology groups.

Genome-wide SNP scan of pooled DNA reveals nonsense mutation in FGF20 in the scaleless line of featherless chickens.

Efficient modification of primordial germ cells using transposable elements.

The chicken left right organizer has nonmotile cilia which are lost in a stage‐dependent manner in the talpid3 ciliopathy.

Visualisation of chicken macrophages using transgenic reporter genes: insights into the development of the avian macrophage lineage.

FGF, Insulin, and SMAD Signaling Cooperate for Avian Primordial Germ Cell Self-Renewal.

Real-Time Sexing of Chicken Embryos and Compatibility with in ovo Protocols.

Cryopreservation of specialised Chicken Lines using cultured primordial germ cells.

Efficient TALEN-mediated gene targeting of chicken primordial germ cells.