Thank you, Dr. Khan!

Milton, a visiting team member, has undertaken valuable work during his time at Roslin.


At of the end of March, the Roslin Institute bids farewell to Dr. MGQ (Milton) Khan, an Association of Communwealth Universities Postdoctoral Research Fellow who has worked as part of the team over the past year. As a visiting member of the team, Milton was able to embed himself closely in the workings of the Houston research group and will be sorely missed at the Institute--even as he goes on to new and exciting projects.

While at Roslin, Milton's research focused on the development of a high-density linkage map for SNP markers in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), helping to establish a potential genomics tool for facilitating selection of economically important traits such as growth and disease resistance. Milton is a faculty member in the Department of Fisheries Biology and Genetics at Bangladesh Agricultural University and was able to put his experience as a researcher and teacher to skilled used as a visitor to the University of Edinburgh. 

"I have been working on this project at Roslin under the ACU (Association of Commonwealth Universities) Fellowship in the UK with Professor Ross Houston," Milton reports. "One of the missions of this collaborative work is to implement marker-assisted selection for the production of genetically male tilapia production in Bangladesh hatchery systems." 

Milton secured a doctorate in Aquaculture Genetics at the University of Stirling and worked there as a Research Fellow before undertaking work on Transgenesis at Auburn University in the United States; soon after he came to the Roslin Institute to pursue the studies which have spanned the past year. With this time as a visitor drawing to a close, there is much in store. "I love teaching," Milton states, "and I enjoy studying comparative religions as well. I hope to develop a group of young scientists in the field of Genetics and Genomics in Agriculture back home." Milton's dream is to develop a world-class research centre filled with global and local experts in Bangladesh. 

The aquaculture team at the Roslin Institute is delighted to have worked with Milton and deeply grateful for all that which he accomplished as part of the team. Though he will be missed, Roslin rests assured knowing he will be an invaluable asset wherever he goes next!


Dr. MGQ (Milton) Khan contributed to the work at Roslin for over a year.