Four new PhD students join the aquaculture team

Welcome to the new cohort of students joining us to study diverse topics and species.


We are excited to welcome four new PhD students to the aquaculture team at the Roslin Institute in Autumn 2020. Alexandra Florea, Christina Kriaridou, Hannah Farley, and Oliver Eve formally introduced themselves to the rest of the aquaculture team in early October, and received a warm welcome despite the new remote working arrangements.

Each of the new PhD students has their own particular area of expertise related to aquaculture genetics and health. Christina (joining Diego Robledo's group) is already familiar with the team thanks to her Erasmus Placement in 2019 and is enthusiastic about the opportunity to resume her research into the design of cost-effective breeding  programmes alongside colleagues and friends. The other three students are welcome newcomers to Roslin. Oli (joining Dan Macqueen’s group) has previously worked as part of teams in Aberdeen and Baltimore and is excited to join the Institute; he will be using Nanopore technology to examine full-length RNA transcripts in Atlantic salmon. Hannah (joining Tim Bean's group) will be working on a project to understand the larval stages of Crassostrea gigas and their interaction with the microbiome. Alexandra (joining Ross Houston's group) will be working towards generating resistance to whitespot syndrome virus via genome editing, in collaboration with Roslin Technologies.

These new students will have the opportunity to explore new and vital ideas alongside the team's postdoctoral research fellows and group leaders, and the aquaculture team will benefit enormously from their insight. We are delighted to have our four newest teammates on board and look forward to supporting them with their research over the coming years.

You can access Alexandra's page via this link. 

You can access Christina's page via this link.

You can access Hannah's page via this link.

You can access Oli's page via this link.