Animal Biosciences MSc
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Course Overview

The MSc in Animal Biosciences is a 12 month full time programme which covers a wide range of practical and theoretical knowledge in the area of animal biosciences.

The course brochure is available online to download.


The degree programme specification document is also available for download.


Semester 1

In the first semester students will become familiar with essential molecular, cell and whole animal techniques.

Semester 2

In the second semester students will be introduced to Avian biology and to modern analytical methods and their application in a number of areas including Zoonoses and emerging infections.

MSc Research Project & Dissertation

The programme finishes with a research project and dissertation.

Course Outcomes

This course will provide students with a range of skills and experiences which will form a good foundation in the area of animal biosciences.

Graduate Destinations

Students graduating with an MSc in Animal Biosciences will have a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills which open a number of options for future career development.