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Our Vision and Mission

The Roslin Institute aims to enhance the health and welfare of animals and humans through world-class research in animal bioscience.

Collage off images including: A person studying some scientific samples in petri dishes, image of ESC transfected with membrane target GFP, a chick on top of some eggs, a close up image of a sheep's face, hands holding seeds, close up of a person holding a chick, and a cow in a group of cows looking at the camera

Our vision: To enable sustainable agriculture, food security and health through world-leading research. 

Our mission: To enhance animal and human health and wellbeing through pioneering animal bioscience.  

We aim to solve global challenges in sustainable agriculture, aquaculture and food security, by harnessing genetics to improve the health, productivity and welfare of farmed animals and mitigate the impact on the climate and environment, and improving detection, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in animals. 

We explore how to improve human health by comparing the biology of species and using novel biomedical models. 

We build productive partnerships that add value to investments by our funders and translate our discoveries for practical benefit.  

Key to our mission is fostering a positive culture that promotes equality, diversity and inclusion, and developing the careers of staff and students at every level.  

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