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The Roslin Institute has partnered with many world-leading organisations in agriculture, pharmaceuticals and genetics.

Centre of Innovation Excellence in Livestock

The Centre of Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL) is a new Agri-Tech Centre that brings together 12 UK research providers from across the entire livestock production and supply chain.

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CIEL has been allocated £27.7 million funding from the UK Government to set up state-of-the-art facilities across the UK that provide the livestock industry with access to world-leading research. Additional funding from industry for projects in the Centre and investments by the participating research institutions will bring total investment to over £70 million.

The Roslin Institute is the largest recipient of funding and will receive £11.3M from CIEL’s budget towards building a Large Animal Research and Imaging Facility (LARIF) on the Easter Bush Campus. This will be a unique facility that will provide a quantum leap in infrastructure available to the animal sciences innovation pipeline in the UK. Phase 1 of LARIF will include specialised suites and equipment that will enable studies on large animal physiology and infectious disease.

The Roslin Institute will receive funding to host CIEL’s Informatics Hub, which will support livestock genomics and informatics, and provide training to individual breeders, farmers, recording and breeding companies in their delivery of genomic improvement.



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Agri-EPI Centre

The Agri-EPI Centre delivers research, development, demonstration and training on precision agriculture and engineering for the livestock, arable, horticulture and aquaculture sectors.



Roslin Technologies Ltd.

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Roslin Technologies Ltd.  has been launched to facilitate the commercialisation of research from The Roslin Institute and Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. It offers one of the world’s largest investment opportunities in research projects aimed at improving animal health and raising agricultural productivity. 

The University of Edinburgh has partnered with Edinburgh-based private equity advisor JB Equity, who are raising an initial £15 million to support the venture. Roslin Technologies Ltd. will offer opportunities for investors looking to capitalise on the growing demand for food and agricultural products.  It will be led by a specialist team of investment managers with expert knowledge in animal science, big data and project management. The team aims to raise further investment that will support the creation of licensed spin-off companies.



Strategic Commercial Partners

The Institute has strategic partnerships with both the animal health and animal breeding sectors: including Zoetis, Cobb Vantress, Genus and Hendrix Genetics.

For what we offer commercial partners have a look at our Industry pages.