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Animal health and productivity

Collaboration with companies contributes to better animal health, welfare and productivity.

Global livestock production relies on small nucleus populations of breeding animals from a handful of large breeding companies. The Roslin Institute works closely with breeding companies to help them improve agricultural productivity and the welfare of farmed animals.

The impact of genetic selection for improvements in traits such as disease resistance, feed conversion efficiency and the yield and quality of products is permanent and cumulative. As such, scientific advances made at Roslin decades ago continue to generate impact today.

Each year, as scientific innovation increases, the Institute’s total impact on agricultural productivity gets larger. Through our extensive links with animal breeding companies, we will implement genetic gains in animal production in the UK and low- and middle-income countries.

The annual productivity gain attributable to the Roslin Institute amounted to around £247 million, by 2011. This annual impact is currently increasing by around £5 million per year. 

Agricultural Productivity of The Roslin Institute

Source: BiGGAR Economics.

The Roslin Institute has a strong culture of industrial collaboration that enables it to play a key role in supporting the UK animal health sector by:

  • Undertaking collaborative research with industry

  • Commercialising intellectual property

  • Participating in knowledge exchange programmes

  • Hosting events  

  • Conducting high quality basic research on animal biology and the key challenges faced by farmers

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