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Science Management Group

Oversees the scientific strategy of the Institute through management of its research activities.


To provide leadership and co-ordination of scientific activities within the Roslin Institute.

Frequency of Meetings

Meetings are held fortnightly on Wednesday, 11:00-13:00.


  • Roslin Institute Director 
  • Deputy Director (External Partnerships)                       
  • Deputy Director (Research)
  • Campus Operating Officer (COO)
  • Head of Division Genetics and Genomics
  • Head of Division Infection and Immunity     
  • Head of Division Functional Genetics and Development     
  • Head of Division Clinical Sciences
  • Science Admin & Communications   
  • Chair of Centre for Tropical Livestock Genetics and Health
  • Director of Edinburgh Infectious Diseases 
  • Dean of Postgraduate Studies
  • Institute Strategic Programmes Convenors             
  • SRUC Representative


In partnership with the University of Edinburgh, BBSRC and the Institute Director, 

  • To determine the strategic direction of the Institute, including the development of Institute Strategic Programmes (ISPs) and other major research programmes
  • To oversee the delivery of the scientific strategy of the Institute through coordination and management of its research activities,
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of scientific ideas and information.
  • To advise the Director on strategic decisions


  • To develop, monitor and communicate the scientific strategy of the Institute,
  • To review the progress of ISPs and other major research programmes at regular intervals, managing any reporting requirements accordingly.
  • To review applications for research grant funding at an early stage and provide constructive feedback to applicants
  • To co-ordinate and manage strategic funding bids
  • To provide strategic direction and support to scientific support groups, including periodic review of service delivery, and ensure open and  timely communication between service managers and users 
  • To develop appropriate material for and actively contribute to external reviews of Institute activity, e.g. Institute Assessment Exercise, REF, Scientific Advisory Board and Industry Advisory Board
  • To oversee the Institute’s KEC responsibilities, including engagement with industry and other stakeholders
  • To develop and maintain long-term strategic partnerships and ensure that projects are supported at all stages of development.
  • To share and disseminate information on funding opportunities, events etc.
  • To monitor the academic staff profile with a view to maintaining research excellence, ensuring provision of critical skills, and succession planning
  • To support strategic recruitment and career development of academic staff and ensure equity of opportunity and assessment, including recruitment of group leaders, career track fellows and externally funded fellowship holders to the Institute, in consultation with the Head of College and wider University where required.
  • To foster good working relationships with professional services and academics within the Institute, the Easter Bush Campus, The College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine and UoE, as well as our strategic partners.

Reporting obligations

  • Scientific outputs of the Institute, including publications, grant award success and IMPACT case studies
  • Progress on ISPs and other major research programmes
  • KEC and Public Engagement Metrics
  • Career Development outputs including nationally recognised HR initiatives which embed best practice e.g.: Investors in Young People, Athena SWAN

Items for agenda

Rotating Quarterly review of topics on Agenda with ability to add papers as required.

Any items to be considered for the agenda should be sent to Science.