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Coming of Age: The Legacy of Dolly at 20 Public Lecture

Thursday 1st September, 7pm, Surgeons’ Hall, Edinburgh

Spend an evening at Surgeons’ Hall with Professor Sir Ian Wilmut (University of Edinburgh),  Professor Angelika Schnieke (Technical University Munich) and Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Shinya Yamanaka (Kyoto University) as they discuss the impact that the birth of Dolly the Sheep had on science. Discover how Dolly still inspires research around the world today and put your questions to our prestigious panel. Take the opportunity to find out about the fascinating research going on right here in Edinburgh at our drinks reception following the discussion.

Tickets included free entrance to the Surgeon's Hall museum prior to the event.


Watch the recordings from the talks and Q&A session.

Professor Sir Ian Wilmut 

Professor Angelika Schnieke

Professor Shinya Yamanaka

Surgeons’ Hall museum