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Highlighted Publications

Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine Induction of 11β-hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 1 in A549 Cells Requires Phosphorylation of C/EBPβ at Thr235

Cristina L. Esteves, Manu Verma, Ewa Rog-Zielinska, Val Kelly, Shuji Sai, Amandine Breton, Francesc X. Donadeu, Jonathan R. Seckl, Karen E. Chapman PLoS ONE Vol: 8 26 Sep 2013

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Differential miRNA expression between equine ovulatory and anovulatory follicles

F. X. Donadeu, S. N. Schauer Domestic Animal Endocrinology Vol: 45 Pages: 122-125 Oct 2013

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Epidermal-like architecture obtained from equine keratinocytes in three-dimensional cultures

Ruchi Sharma, Safia Z Barakzai, Sarah E Taylor, F Xavier Donadeu Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Vol: 10 Pages: 627-636 08 Aug 2016

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Involvement of miRNAs in equine follicle development

Stephanie Schauer, Sadanand Sontakke, Elaine Watson, Cristina Esteves, F Xavier Donadeu Reproduction Vol: 146 Pages: 273-282 27 Jun 2013

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Phospholipase C beta 3 Mediates LH-Induced Granulosa Cell Differentiation

Francesc X. Donadeu, Cristina L. Esteves, Lynsey K. Doyle, Catherine A. Walker, Stephanie N. Schauer, Catalina A. Diaz Endocrinology Vol: 152 Pages: 2857-2869 Jul 2011

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Derivation and Characterization of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from Equine Fibroblasts

Amandine Breton, Ruchi Sharma, Andrea Catalina Diaz, Alea Gillian Parham, Audrey Graham, Claire Neil, Christopher Bruce Whitelaw, Elspeth Milne, Francesc Xavier Donadeu Stem Cells and Development Vol: 22 Pages: 611-621 Feb 2013

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Identification of miRNAs associated with the follicular-luteal transition in the ruminant ovary

Derek McBride, Wilfred Carre, Sadanand Sontakke, Charis O Hogg, Andy S Law, F Xavier Donadeu, Michael Clinton Reproduction Vol: 144 Pages: 221-233 Aug 2012

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Seasonal effects on the response of ovarian follicles to IGF1 in mares

L. K. Doyle, C. O. Hogg, E. D. Watson, F. X. Donadeu Reproduction Vol: 136 Pages: 589-598 Nov 2008

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