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Dr Tim Connelley

Highlighted Publications

Escape from CD8+ T cell response by natural variants of an immunodominant epitope from Theilaria parva is predominantly due to loss of TCR recognition

Tim Connelley, Niall MacHugh, Roger Pelle, William Weir, Ivan Morrison Journal of Immunology Vol: 187 Pages: 5910-5920 Sep 2011

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MHC Class I Bound to an Immunodominant Theileria parva Epitope Demonstrates Unconventional Presentation to T Cell Receptors

Isabel K. Macdonald, Maria Harkiolaki, Lawrence Hunt, Timothy Connelley, A. Victoria Carroll, Niall D. MacHugh, Simon P. Graham, E. Yvonne Jones, W. Ivan Morrison, Darren R. Flower, Shirley A. Ellis Plos pathogens Vol: 6 Pages: - Oct 2010

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