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Professor Susan Rhind

Professor Susan Rhind MRCVS

Chair of Veterinary Education

Highlighted Publications

Experiences with audio feedback in a veterinary curriculum

Susan M Rhind, Graham W Pettigrew, Jo Spiller, Geoffrey Pearson Journal of Veterinary Medical Education Vol: 40 Pages: 12-8 2013

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Peer generation of multiple-choice questions: student engagement and experiences

Susan M Rhind, Graham W Pettigrew Journal of Veterinary Medical Education Vol: 39 Pages: 375-9 2012

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Academic feedback in veterinary medicine: a comparison of school leaver and graduate entry cohorts

Kirsty Hughes, V. McCune, S. Rhind Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education Vol: 38 Pages: 167-182 2013

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Experimental infection of sheep with visna/maedi virus via the conjunctival space

Heide Niesalla, Tom N McNeilly, Margaret Ross, Susan M Rhind, Gordon D Harkiss Journal of General Virology Vol: 89 Pages: 1329-1337 2008

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Role of Alveolar Macrophages in Respiratory Transmission of Visna/Maedi Virus▿

Tom N McNeilly, Alison Baker, Jeremy K Brown, David Collie, Gerry McLachlan, Susan M Rhind, Gordon D Harkiss Journal of Virology Vol: 82 Pages: 1526-1536 Feb 2008

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Murid herpesvirus-4 induces chronic inflammation of intrahepatic bile ducts in mice deficient in gamma-interferon signalling

Babunilayam Gangadharan, Bernadette M Dutia, Susan M Rhind, Anthony A Nash Hepatology Research Vol: 39 Pages: 187-194 Feb 2009

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The transition into veterinary practice: Opinions of recent graduates and final year students

S. Rhind, S. Baillie, T. Kinnison, D. Shaw, C. Bell, R. Mellanby, J. Hammond, N. Hudson, R. Whittington, R. Donnelly BMC Medical Education Vol: 11 2011

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An animal model to evaluate the function and regulation of the adaptively evolving stress protein SEP53 in oesophageal bile damage responses

L. Nelson, S. Anderson, A. L. Archibald, S. Rhind, Z. H. Lu, A. Condie, Neil Macintyre, J. Thompson, R. Nenutil, B. Vojtesek, C. B. Whitelaw, T. J. Little, T. Hupp Cell Stress and Chaperones Vol: 13 Pages: 375-385 Sep 2008

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Murine gammaherpesvirus-induced fibrosis is associated with the development of alternatively activated macrophages

Babunilayam Gangadharan, Marieke A Hoeve, Judith E Allen, Bahram Ebrahimi, Susan M Rhind, Bernadette M Dutia, Anthony A Nash Journal of Leukocyte Biology Vol: 84 Pages: 50-58 Jul 2008

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