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Dr Paula Brunton

Dr Paula Brunton PhD

Senior Research Fellow/Group Leader

Highlighted Publications

5α-reduced neurosteroids sex-dependently reverse central prenatal programming of neuroendocrine stress responses in rats

Paula Brunton, M.V. Donadio, Song T Yao, Mike Greenwood, Jonathan Seckl, David Murphy, John Russell Journal of Neuroscience Vol: 35 Pages: 666-677 14 Jan 2015

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Sex-specific effects of prenatal stress on glucose homeostasis and peripheral metabolism in rats

Paula J Brunton, Katie M Sullivan, David Kerrigan, John Russell, Jonathan R Seckl, Amanda Jane Drake Journal of Endocrinology Vol: 217 Pages: 161-173 May 2013

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Prenatal Social Stress in the Rat Programmes Neuroendocrine and Behavioural Responses to Stress in the Adult Offspring: Sex-Specific Effects

P. J. Brunton, J. A. Russell Journal of Neuroendocrinology Vol: 22 Pages: 258-271 Apr 2010

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