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Highlighted Publications

Nucleozin Targets Cytoplasmic Trafficking of Viral Ribonucleoprotein-Rab11 Complexes in Influenza A Virus Infection

Maria Joao Amorim, Richard Y. Kao, Paul Digard Journal of Virology Vol: 87 Pages: 4694-4703 Apr 2013

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Evolutionary Conservation of the PA-X Open Reading Frame in Segment 3 of Influenza A Virus

Mang Shi, Brett W. Jagger, Helen M. Wise, Paul Digard, Edward C. Holmes, Jeffery K. Taubenberger Journal of Virology Vol: 86 Pages: 12411-12413 Nov 2012

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Identification of a novel splice variant form of the influenza a virus m2 ion channel with an antigenically distinct ectodomain

Helen M Wise, Edward C Hutchinson, Brett W Jagger, Amanda D Stuart, Zi H Kang, Nicole Robb, Louis M Schwartzman, John C Kash, Ervin Fodor, Andrew E Firth, Julia R Gog, Jeffery K Taubenberger, Paul Digard Plos pathogens Vol: 8 2012

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An Overlapping Protein-Coding Region in Influenza A Virus Segment 3 Modulates the Host Response

B. W. Jagger, H. M. Wise, J. C. Kash, K. A. Walters, N. M. Wills, Y. L. Xiao, R. L. Dunfee, L. M. Schwartzman, A. Ozinsky, G. L. Bell, R. M. Dalton, A. Lo, S. Efstathiou, J. F. Atkins, A. E. Firth, J. K. Taubenberger, P. Digard Science Vol: 337 Pages: 199-204 Jul 2012

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Small molecule inhibitors of influenza A and B viruses that act by disrupting subunit interactions of the viral polymerase

G. Muratore, L. Goracci, B. Mercorelli, A. Foeglein, P. Digard, G. Cruciani, G. Palu, A. Loregian Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Vol: 109 Pages: 6247-6252 2012

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A Complicated Message: Identification of a Novel PB1-Related Protein Translated from Influenza A Virus Segment 2 mRNA

H.M. Wise, A. Foeglein, J. Sun, R.M. Dalton, S. Patel, W. Howard, E.C. Anderson, W.S. Barclay, P. Digard Journal of Virology Vol: 83 Pages: 8021-8031 Aug 2009

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Overlapping signals for translational regulation and packaging of influenza A virus segment 2

H.M. Wise, C. Barbezange, B.W. Jagger, R.M. Dalton, J.R. Gog, M.D. Curran, J.K. Taubenberger, E.C. Anderson, P. Digard Nucleic Acids Research Vol: 39 Pages: 7775-7790 2011

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