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Dr Mariela Scortti

Highlighted Publications

Comparison of Listeria monocytogenes Exoproteomes from biofilm and planktonic state: Lmo2504, a protein associated with biofilms

António Lourenço, Aitor de Las Heras, Mariela Scortti, Jose Vazquez-Boland, Joseph F Frank, Luisa Brito Applied and Environmental Microbiology Vol: 79 Pages: 6075-82 Oct 2013

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Complete Genome Sequence of the Animal Pathogen Listeria ivanovii, Which Provides Insights into Host Specificities and Evolution of the Genus Listeria

C. Buchrieser, C. Rusniok, P. Garrido, T. Hain, M. Scortti, R. Lampidis, U. Kaerst, T. Chakraborty, P. Cossart, J. Kreft, J. A. Vazquez-Boland, W. Goebel, P. Glaser Journal of Bacteriology Vol: 193 Pages: 6787-6788 Dec 2011

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Genome and proteome analysis of phage E3 infecting the soil-borne actinomycete Rhodococcus equi

Samson P. Salifu, Ana Valero-Rello, Samantha A. Campbell, Neil F. Inglis, Mariela Scortti, Sophie Foley, Jose A. Vazquez-Boland Environmental microbiology reports Vol: 5 Pages: 170-178 Feb 2013

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Human Listeriosis Caused by Listeria ivanovii

Christelle Guillet, Olivier Join-Lambert, Alban Le Monnier, Alexandre Leclercq, Frederic Mechai, Marie-France Mamzer-Bruneel, Magdalena K. Bielecka, Mariela Scortti, Olivier Disson, Patrick Berche, Jose Vazquez-Boland, Olivier Lortholary, Marc Lecuit Emerging Infectious Diseases Vol: 16 Pages: 136-138 Jan 2010

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