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Highlighted Publications

Actin-Based Motility of Burkholderia thailandensis Requires a Central Acidic Domain of BimA That Recruits and Activates the Cellular Arp2/3 Complex

Chayada Sitthidet, Joanne M. Stevens, Terence R. Field, Abigail N. Layton, Sunee Korbsrisate, Mark P. Stevens Journal of Bacteriology Vol: 192 Pages: 5249-5252 Oct 2010

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Identification of Motifs of Burkholderia pseudomallei  BimA Required for Intracellular Motility, Actin Binding, and Actin Polymerization

Chayada Sitthidet, Sunee Korbsrisate, Abigail N. Layton, Terence R. Field, Mark P. Stevens, Joanne M. Stevens Journal of Bacteriology Vol: 193 Pages: 1901-1910 Apr 2011

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Prevalence and sequence diversity of a factor required for actin-based motility in natural populations of Burkholderia species

C. Sitthidet, J. M. Stevens, N. Chantratita, B. J. Currie, S. J. Peacock, S. Korbsrisate, M. P. Stevens Journal of Clinical Microbiology Vol: 46 Pages: 2418-2422 Jul 2008

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