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Prof Georgios Banos

Highlighted Publications

The genomic architecture of mastitis resistance in dairy sheep

Georgios Banos, G. Bramis, Stephen Bush, Emily Clark, Mary McCulloch, Jacqueline Smith, G. Schulze, Georgios Arsenos, David Hume, Androniki Psifidi BMC Genomics Vol: 18 16 Aug 2017

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Genomic Regions Underlying Susceptibility to Bovine Tuberculosis in Holstein-Friesian Cattle

Kethusegile Raphaka, Oswald Matika, Enrique Sanchez Molano, R. Mrode, Mike Coffey, Valentina Riggio, Elizabeth Glass, John Woolliams, Stephen Bishop, Georgios Banos BMC Genetics Vol: 18 Pages: 27 23 Mar 2017

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Herd-specific random regression carcass profiles for beef cattle after adjustment for animal genetic merit

Tanya M. Englishby, Kirsty L. Moore, Donagh P. Berry, Mike P. Coffey, Georgios Banos Meat Science Vol: 129 Pages: 188-196 Jul 2017

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Genetic evaluation for bovine tuberculosis resistance in dairy cattle

Georgios Banos, Marco Winters, R. Mrode, Andrew Mitchell, Stephen Bishop, John Woolliams, Mike Coffey Journal of Dairy Science Vol: 100 Pages: 1272-1281 Feb 2017

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Method specific calibration corrects for DNA extraction method effects on relative telomere length measurements by quantitative PCR

Luise A Seeker, Rebecca Holland, Sarah Underwood, Jennifer Fairlie, Androniki Psifidi, Joanna Warner, Ainsley Bagnall, Bruce Whitelaw, Mike Coffey, Georgios Banos, Daniel Nussey PLoS ONE Vol: 11 10 Oct 2016

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Genome-wide association studies of immune, disease and production traits in indigenous chicken ecotypes

Androniki Psifidi, Georgios Banos, Oswald Matika, Takele T Desta, Judy Bettridge, David Hume, Tadelle Dessie, Rob Christley, Paul Wigley, Olivier Hanotte, Peter Kaiser Genetics Selection Evolution Vol: 48 29 Sep 2016

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A practical approach to detect ancestral haplotypes in livestock populations

Enrique Sanchez Molano, Dimitrios Tsiokos, Dimitrios Chatziplis, Hossein Jorjani, Lorenzo Degano, Clara Diaz, Attilio Rossoni, Hermann Schwarzenbacher, Franz Seefried, Luis Varona, Daniele Vicario, Ezequiel Nicolazzi, Georgios Banos BMC Genetics Vol: 17 Pages: 91 24 Jun 2016

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Genomic–based optimum contributions in conservation and genetic improvement programmes with antagonistic fitness and productivity traits

Enrique Sanchez Molano, Ricardo Pong-Wong, Georgios Banos Frontiers in genetics Vol: 7 Pages: 25 06 Feb 2016

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