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Highlighted Publications

Ovine trophoblast is a primary source of TNFalpha during Chlamydophila abortus infection

Nick Wheelhouse, Sean Wattegedera, James Stanton, Stephen Maley, Donna Watson, Catherine Jepson, David Deane, David Buxton, David Longbottom, Tim Baszler, Gary Entrican Journal of Reproductive Immunology Vol: 80 Pages: 49-56 Jun 2009

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Intranasal infection with Chlamydia abortus induces dose-dependent latency and abortion in sheep

David Longbottom, Morag Livingstone, Stephen Maley, Arjan van der Zon, Mara Rocchi, Kim Wilson, Nicholas Wheelhouse, Mark Dagleish, Kevin Aitchison, Sean Wattegedera, Mintu Nath, Gary Entrican, David Buxton PLoS ONE Vol: 8 2013

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Chlamydia trachomatis Infection Increases Fallopian Tube PROKR2 via TLR2 and NFκB Activation Resulting in a Microenvironment Predisposed to Ectopic Pregnancy

Julie L. V. Shaw, Gillian S. Wills, Kai-Fai Lee, Paddy J. Horner, Myra O. McClure, Vikki M. Abrahams, Nick Wheelhouse, Henry N. Jabbour, Hilary O. D. Critchley, Gary Entrican, Andrew W. Horne American Journal of Pathology Vol: 178 Pages: 253-260 Jan 2011

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Antigen-specific peripheral immune responses are unaltered during normal pregnancy in sheep

S. Wattegedera, M. Rocchi, J. Sales, C.J. Howard, J.C. Hope, Gary Entrican Journal of Reproductive Immunology Vol: 77 Pages: 171-178 Apr 2008

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