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Highlighted Publications

Intragenic enhancers act as alternative promoters

Monika S Kowalczyk, Jim R Hughes, David Garrick, Magnus D Lynch, Jacqueline A Sharpe, Jacqueline A Sloane-Stanley, Simon J McGowan, Marco De Gobbi, Mona Hosseini, Douglas Vernimmen, Jill M Brown, Nicola E Gray, Licio Collavin, Richard J Gibbons, Jonathan Flint, Stephen Taylor, Veronica J Buckle, Thomas A Milne, William G Wood, Douglas R Higgs Molecular Cell Vol: 45 Pages: 447-58 2012

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Polycomb eviction as a new distant enhancer function

Douglas Vernimmen, Magnus D. Lynch, Marco De Gobbi, David Garrick, Jacqueline A. Sharpe, Jacqueline A. Sloane-Stanley, Andrew J. H. Smith, Douglas R. Higgs Genes & Development Vol: 25 Pages: 1583-1588 Aug 2011

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Chromosome looping at the human alpha-globin locus is mediated via the major upstream regulatory element (HS-40)

Douglas Vernimmen, Fatima Marques-Kranc, Jacqueline A. Sharpe, Jacqueline A. Sloane-Stanley, William G. Wood, Helen A. C. Wallace, Andrew Smith, Douglas R. Higgs Blood Vol: 114 Pages: 4253-4260 05 Nov 2009

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An interspecies analysis reveals a key role for unmethylated CpG dinucleotides in vertebrate Polycomb complex recruitment

Magnus D Lynch, Andrew Smith, Marco De Gobbi, Maria Flenley, Jim R Hughes, Douglas Vernimmen, Helena Ayyub, Jacqueline A Sharpe, Jacqueline A Sloane-Stanley, Linda Sutherland, Stephen Meek, Tom Burdon, Richard J Gibbons, David Garrick, Douglas R Higgs EMBO Journal Vol: 31 Pages: 317-329 Jan 2012

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