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Highlighted Publications

The safety profile of a cationic lipid-mediated cystic fibrosis gene transfer agent following repeated monthly aerosol administration to sheep

E. W. Alton, Alison Baker, Eilidh Baker, Christopher Boyd, S. H. Cheng, Rebecca Coles, David Collie, Heather Davidson, Jane C Davies, D. R. Gill, Catherine Gordon, U. Griesenbach, T. Higgins, S. C. Hyde, J. A. Innes, Dominique McCormick, Michael McGovern, Gerry McLachlan, David Porteous, I. A. Pringle, R. K. Scheule, Darren Shaw, Sionagh Smith, Stephanie Summer-Jones, Peter Tennant, Christina Vrettou Biomaterials Vol: 34 Pages: 10267-10277 2013

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A Lung Segmental Model of Chronic Pseudomonas Infection in Sheep

David Collie, John Govan, Steven Wright, Elisabeth Thornton, Peter Tennant, Sionagh Smith, Catherine Doherty, Gerry McLachlan PLoS ONE Vol: 8 09 Jul 2013

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Gene Expression Changes Associated with the Airway Wall Response to Injury

Badrul Yahaya, Gerry McLachlan, Caroline McCorquodale, David Collie PLoS ONE Vol: 8 Apr 2013

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Pre-clinical evaluation of three non-viral gene transfer agents for cystic fibrosis after aerosol delivery to the ovine lung

G McLachlan, H Davidson, E Holder, L A Davies, I A Pringle, S G Sumner-Jones, A Baker, P Tennant, C Gordon, C Vrettou, R Blundell, L Hyndman, B Stevenson, A Wilson, A Doherty, D J Shaw, R L Coles, H Painter, S H Cheng, R K Scheule, J C Davies, J A Innes, S C Hyde, U Griesenbach, E W F W Alton, A C Boyd, D J Porteous, D R Gill, D D S Collie Gene Therapy Vol: 18 Pages: 996-1005 2011

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Role of Alveolar Macrophages in Respiratory Transmission of Visna/Maedi Virus▿

Tom N McNeilly, Alison Baker, Jeremy K Brown, David Collie, Gerry McLachlan, Susan M Rhind, Gordon D Harkiss Journal of Virology Vol: 82 Pages: 1526-1536 Feb 2008

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Validation of recombinant Sendai virus in a non-natural host model

U. Griesenbach, G. McLachlan, T. Owaki, L. Somerton, T. Shu, A. Baker, P. Tennant, C. Gordon, C. Vrettou, E. Baker, D. D. S. Collie, M. Hasegawa, E. W. F. W. Alton Gene Therapy Vol: 18 Pages: 182-188 Feb 2011

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Analysis of airway epithelial regeneration and repair following endobronchial brush biopsy in sheep

B. Yahaya, A. Baker, Peter Tennant, Sionagh Smith, D.J. Shaw, G. McLachlan, D.D. Collie Experimental Lung Research Vol: 37 Pages: 519-535 2011

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An immunocytochemical assay to detect human CFTR expression following gene transfer

H. Davidson, A. Wilson, R. D. Gray, A. Horsley, I. A. Pringle, G. McLachlan, A. C. Nairn, C. Stearns, J. Gibson, E. Holder, L. Jones, A. Doherty, R. Coles, S. G. Sumner-Jones, M. Wasowicz, M. Manvell, U. Griesenbach, S. C. Hyde, D. R. Gill, J. Davies, D. D. S. Collie, Ewfw Alton, D. J. Porteous, A. C. Boyd Molecular and Cellular Probes Vol: 23 Pages: 272-280 Dec 2009

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