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Dr Catriona Bell

Highlighted Publications

Assessing Teaching Effectiveness

Susan Rhind, Catriona Bell 20 Mar 2017

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The use of global rating scales for OSCEs in veterinary medicine

Emma Read, Catriona Bell, Susan Rhind, Kent Hecker PLoS ONE Vol: 10 30 Mar 2015

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Faculty Development in Veterinary Education: Are We Doing Enough (or Publishing Enough About It), and Do We Value It?

Catriona E. Bell Journal of Veterinary Medical Education Vol: 40 Pages: 96-101 2013

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A cluster-randomised controlled trial to compare the effectiveness of different knowledge-transfer interventions for rural working equid users in Ethiopia

A. P. Stringer, C. E. Bell, R. M. Christley, F. Gebreab, G. Tefera, K. Reed, A. Trawford, G. L. Pinchbeck Preventive Veterinary Medicine Vol: 100 Pages: 90-99 15 Jun 2011

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The transition into veterinary practice: Opinions of recent graduates and final year students

S. Rhind, S. Baillie, T. Kinnison, D. Shaw, C. Bell, R. Mellanby, J. Hammond, N. Hudson, R. Whittington, R. Donnelly BMC Medical Education Vol: 11 2011

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Getting Started with Curriculum Mapping in a Veterinary Degree Program

C.E. Bell, R. H. Ellaway, S. M. Rhind Journal of Veterinary Medical Education Vol: 36 Pages: 100-106 Jan 2009

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