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Professor Bruce Whitelaw

Professor Bruce Whitelaw FRSB

Genus Personal Chair of Animal Biotechnology

Highlighted Publications

Live pigs produced from genome edited zygotes

Simon Lillico, Christopher Proudfoot, D. F. Carlson, Dana Stverakova, Claire Neil, Carol Blain, Tim King, WA Ritchie, Spring Tan, A Mileham, D Mclaren, Scott C Fahrenkrug, Bruce Whitelaw Scientific Reports Vol: 3 Pages: 1-4 2013

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Efficient TALEN-mediated gene knockout in livestock

Daniel F Carlson, Spring Tan, Simon G Lillico, Dana Stverakova, Christopher Proudfoot, Michelle Christian, Daniel F Voytas, Charles R Long, C Bruce A Whitelaw, Scott C Fahrenkrug Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Vol: 109 Pages: 17382-7 2012

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Ovine-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Can Contribute to Chimeric Lambs

C. Sartori, A.I. Didomenico, A.J. Thomson, E. Milne, S.G. Lillico, T.G. Burdon, C.B. Whitelaw Cellular Reprogramming Vol: 14 Pages: 8-19 2012

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Milk Lacking α-Casein Leads to Permanent Reduction in Body Size in Mice

Andreas F Kolb, Reinhard C Huber, Simon G Lillico, Ailsa Carlisle, Claire J Robinson, Claire Neil, Linda Petrie, Dorte B Sorensen, I Anna S Olsson, C Bruce A Whitelaw PLoS One Vol: 6 2011

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Transgenic sheep designed for transplantation studies

W. A. Ritchie, T. King, Claire Neil, Ailsa Carlisle, Simon Lillico, G. McLachlan, C. B. Whitelaw Molecular Reproduction and Development Vol: 76 Pages: 61-64 Jan 2009

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