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Structural Functional Genomics, Genetics and Genomics

NameJob TitleResearch Theme
Alan ArchibaldPersonal Chair of Mammalian Molecular Genetics

Understanding the genetic control of complex traits, including responses to infectious disease, in farmed animals, primarily pigs and cattle.

Emily ClarkChancellors Fellow

My main research interests focus on transcriptomics and genomics in livestock in both production animals and indigenous African breeds. I am particularly interested in functional annotation and the transcriptional control of complex traits.

Ross HoustonPersonal Chair of Aquaculture Genetics

Our research group focus on understanding the genetic basis of disease resistance in aquaculture species, and developing methods of selective breeding for improved resistance.

James PrendergastSenior Research Fellow
Jacqueline SmithCareer Track Fellow

Genomics of Avian Viral Infections

Mick WatsonPersonal Chair of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

I am interested in what large datasets tell us about biological function, and how we can correlate patterns in big data with phenotypes of interest in farm animal health, disease and productivity.