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Learn more about Wardens, Resident Assistants and the full time team of professional staff that support them.

Resident Assistants 

Resident Assistants (RAs) are students who live in accommodation with you. Often they'll be the first person you meet when you come to the unversity when they welcome you and give you the keys to your accommodation.  

RAs will invest time in getting to know you individually in order to offer bespoke advice and ensure you feel comfortable in your new home. They are experienced and well-informed peers who can offer support with communal living issues and navigating life at university. 

RAs also build inclusive communities by organising activities to help you get to know your new neighbours, the city and the university. They work in the evenings and at weekends so they're available when you are. 


Meet some of our RAs and learn more about their role in this short film. 

Video: RA role
RAs talking about their role in supporting residents in University accommodation.


Wardens are staff members from all across the university, who choose to take on an additional role and live in residence to support students. This means they are available to you in the evenings and at weekends to assist with any more complex welfare or behavioural issues that arise. 


Wardens also manage your RA team and approve the activities that happen in your accommodation.  You'll meet your  Warden when they deliver your accommodation Welcome Talk and they will contact you throughout the year with useful updates about life in accommodation.


Watch this short film in which some of our Wardens explain more about their role. 


Video: Warden Role
A short introduction to the role of Wardens in student accommodation, featuring Wardens Melanie Smith, Cheryl Hutton and Jonathan Ainslie.


Use our interactive map to find out more about your Warden - opens Google Maps

Residence Life Central Team

Our team of Residence Life Coordinators work during office hours to support our out-of-hours teams. Led by the Director Residence Life and aided by our administrator, they are skilled professionals who have dedicated their careers to supporting students. Many of our coordinators also choose to take up Warden roles and live in accommodation with students. 

ResLife Organisational Chart March 2021
Residence Life Central Team Organisational Chart - March 2021

From promoting sustainability via our awards scheme, to having open conversations about mental health - I love my role as I get to connect with students by sharing my passions.

Geraldine HarveyResidence Life Coordinator

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