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Living with Us

Find out about our policies, browse our residence guide and learn about the standards we promote in our communities.

In Residence Life our aim is that everyone has an excellent experience while living with us. 


We do this by providing our residents with useful and timely information, and communicating clear expectations for our community standards. 


Learn more about the support available in our accommodation in this short interview with Hayley, our Mental Health Coordinator. 

Video: Support in your accommodation
Mental Health Coordinator, Hayley Thomson,discusses all the different ways residents can reach out and receive support from Residence Life.

[Please note that as of April 2021 our online drop-in is temporarily suspended.]


We also help maintain a respectful community and assist with any conduct issues that arise in our accommodation. This may involve being part of a conduct investigation as investigating officers under the Code of Student Conduct; providing reminders and education on guidance, tips on communal living and wellbeing support. 

Read more about the Code of Student Conduct 


Policies & Guidelines

Learn about the policies and guidelines in place to support you when you live with us.

Residence Guide

Our Residence Guide provides a detailed overview of the practicalities of living in our accommodation.

Feedback & Complaints

Let us know your thoughts and find out what response you can expect from us.