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Getting started with your Research

Information and links to help you get started with your research and introduce you to the key research infrastructure of the University.

IT & Computing

These pages provide answers to common IT questions covering login, wifi, email, ID card, printing and more.  If you can't find the answer to your problem at the links below email

Useful info for new staff

IT and Computing Help

PURE - your research profile

Pure is the University's Current Research Information System (CRIS). Information held in Pure relates to research staff and their publications, projects and activities. Pure allows you to create relationships and associations between research inputs and outputs, providing a broad picture of research activity at the individual, research unit, School, College, and University levels.

In addition to providing many of the University's current research management and reporting needs, data from Pure is also used to populate the Edinburgh Research Explorer, which provides a public view on the University's research activity and a personal profile for each staff member. Units are also able to access data held in Pure to feed information into their own local web presence, such as publication lists and staff profiles.

Login in to Pure [Your University Login required]

Creating and adding information to your Pure profile

Edinburgh Research Explorer

Digital Research Services

The Digital Research Services team provide a range of support to researchers including the advice you need to navigate the research services provided by Information Services and other leading University of Edinburgh IT providers. We can help select the resources which best fit your research requirements, identify training opportunities, and calculate IT-related costs for funding applications. You can find our contact details on the website alongside some of the resources we cover including those for data-intensive and computational research.

Digital Research Services

Software Services

The Software Services Team manage several deals for software used at the University.  The team administer several site licenses and bulk purchase deals. They facilitate the distribution of software and codes, sometimes recouping costs at a college, school or individual level, within the terms and conditions of the licenses.

Software Services

Research Data Service

The Research Data Service provide a suite of tools and support that helps staff and students be effective with their research data before, during and after their project. Including

  • Data Management Planning
  • Managing data during a project
  • Storing data after a project

Research Data Service

Training & Skills

The Research Data Service provide training to help you understand data management for research and use the University systems.  You might want to consider these courses as a starting point

Research Data Training & Skills

School or Institute Resources

Most of the day to day information and processes you will need in your role will be provided locally in your School or Institute.  Make sure you get to know the people and processes in your School/Institute and ask for help when you need it.  

School/Institute web or intranet sites