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Information and links to training and resources as well as routes to accreditation for your teaching.

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Developing as a New Teacher

New teaching experiences can be exciting but daunting! Whether you’re approaching your first tutorial, lecturing for the first time or taking on your first course organisation or personal tutoring role IAD can help.

Developing as a New Teacher

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Teaching & Learning Resources

Links to information and resources on teaching and learning, from University of Edinburgh and external organisations.

Teaching & Learning Resources

Teaching Matters

Teaching Matters is the University of Edinburgh’s website, blog and podcast for debate about learning and teaching, for sharing ideas and approaches to teaching, and for showcasing our successes, including academic colleagues who are leading the way in delivering brilliant teaching.

Teaching Matters

Teaching Matters Blog

University of Edinburgh Learning & Teaching Conference

Gaining Accreditation

Gaining accreditation allows you time to focus on where and how to develop the elements of teaching in your role. It also helps to create a common language across the organisation demonstrating your passion and engagement to teaching as well as support you apply for new roles.  When considering the different accredited routes available, consider choosing a route that suits your experience, time you have to commit to accreditation and what time learning method suits you. For example do you prefer to learn in your own time, or attend workshops?

Going through any accreditation or professional registration processes provides you with a good understanding of recording and planning continuous professional development.

Accrediting your teaching experience