Support for Researchers

Welcome to the Research Staff Hub

This site brings together information from across the University to support research staff to undertake their role, develop themselves and progress in their career.  There are also dedicated resources to help managers of researchers to support the research staff they employ. 

If you are a PhD student or a member of technical staff you will also find useful information on these sites

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Information for researchers that are new to a research staff role, new to University of Edinburgh, and/or new to the city of Edinburgh.

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Information on societies, networks and organisations at and beyond the University of Edinburgh.


Information and support on finding funding, developing, costing and submitting proposals for research and innovation projects.

Information and resources to help you explore your career aspirations, develop yourself at University of Edinburgh and find new opportunities. 

University staff and contractors graphic - researchers, builders, technicians, professional staff, management etc

Links to resources, information and policies to help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a research staff member.

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The University provides a range of services and resources to help you stay healthy and is committed to promoting and developing a vibrant and inclusive research culture.

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Information and training to help you get involved in teaching activities

Information and resources for researchers from outside the United Kingdom.

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Links to resources and training for people managing researchers.

The Research Staff Hub brings together information and resources from across the University to support researchers to undertake their role, develop themselves and progress in their chosen career.  

Information, progress and support around the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers, at the University of Edinburgh.