Research scheme to boost healthcare in Lothian

Staff in Nursing Studies are to play a key role in an initiative that helps healthcare professionals advance their research careers.


Nurses and midwives seeking new skills are among those set to benefit from the scheme, which is targeted at NHS Lothian employees.

Pharmacists, psychologists, healthcare scientists and allied health professionals are also expected to benefit from the new five-year scheme.

Project bosses say research can play a vital role in addressing some of the challenges that the NHS faces, and help to address patient needs.

Unique scheme

The Lothian Clinical Academic Research Gateway, which has attracted funding of £250,000, is the first award scheme of its kind in Scotland.

It will create opportunities for professionals each year across a diverse range of departments and disciplines at various stages of their careers.

“Investing in our staff to gain new skills will help both them and the services they deliver,” says Dr Juliet MacArthur, Chief Nurse for Research and Development in NHS Lothian.

The region is known for its international research and our aim is to embed research skills and knowledge across NHS Lothian.”

New treatments

As well as delivering research projects that will improve physical health and mental wellbeing, the scheme will help pioneer new treatments and approaches to care across NHS Lothian.

Also involved in the project are the University of Stirling, Queen Margaret University, University of Strathclyde, Robert Gordon University and Edinburgh Napier University.

Jane Ferguson, Director of NHS Lothian Charity, has welcomed the scheme, saying the awards are a great way of embedding clinical research as a core activity among healthcare professionals.

Ms Ferguson says: “Improving healthcare experiences and health outcomes is a key priority for us, and driving ongoing innovation and excellence in healthcare is a fundamental part of this.”

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