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Existing drugs could treat strokes linked to dementia

People who experience a type of stroke linked with nearly half of all dementias could be treated for the first time by repurposing two cheap and common drugs, a trial shows.

Ancient galaxy’s traits revealed using space telescope

Astronomers using the most powerful telescope ever built have identified a massive, densely packed galaxy 25 billion light years away.

A fiver a day could help keep biodiversity loss at bay

The cost of subsidising people in vulnerable areas to help safeguard biodiversity could be less than the financial aid given to environmentally harmful industries, a study suggests.

Experts assess Covid’s effect on children’s sport

Data science specialists are supporting efforts to gauge how Covid-19 has impacted on young people’s involvement in sport and exercise.

Double testing better at identifying bowel cancer

The accuracy of detecting bowel cancer is increased to almost 100 per cent by carrying out a common test twice rather than once, a new study shows.

Dementia study shows how toxic proteins spread

A 3d rendered image of a neuron synapse on a black background
Fresh insights into the spread of damaging proteins that build up in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease could hold the key to stopping the condition progressing, a study says.

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