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Welfare supporters better informed than sceptics, study suggests

people walking outside a job centre
People who support greater state involvement in delivering services know more about economics and welfare provision than those favouring smaller government, research suggests.

Global surge in cancer cases among under-50s

Young woman sitting on sofa, looking reflective. Her hair has been lost following chemotherapy.
Global cancer cases in people under the age of 50 have risen by 79 per cent between 1990 and 2019, according to new research.

Women more severely affected by ME/CFS

Woman sitting in a chair looks thoughtfully out of the window, wrapped in a blanket
Women with ME/CFS tend to have more symptoms and co-occurring conditions than men, according to the first results from the world’s largest study of the disease.

Sign language glossary goes for green growth

Experts at Edinburgh have helped created a glossary of environmental terms to make climate science and biodiversity research more accessible to deaf people.

New tech is step towards lab-grown blood vessels

Human cells in red, green or blue are arranged in layers to create a microscopic cell rainbow against a black background
Innovative technology that creates ultra-thin layers of human cells in tube-like structures could spur development of lifelike blood vessels and intestines in the lab.

Vapes work better than patches in pregnancy trial

Hand holding electronic cigarette
E-cigarettes may be more effective than nicotine patches for pregnant women trying to quit smoking, research suggests.

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