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Multiple measures boost Covid fight, study finds

Sign in window saying closed due to coronavirus
Public health restrictions put in place to curb the spread of coronavirus are ranked for their effectiveness in a global study.

Experts show how smart giving transforms lives

Charitable giving to global development initiatives could be transformed by technology to be showcased at a virtual University event.

Area twice size of UK needed to feed world’s pets

An area double the size of the UK is used to produce dry pet food for cats and dogs each year, a study shows.

Lost digits point to spread of parrot-like dinosaur

A newly discovered species of toothless, two-fingered dinosaur has shed light on how a group of parrot-like animals thrived more than 68 million years ago.

Artwork delivers key insights into gig economy

Engaging performance art, commissioned by the University, is exploring how the so-called gig economy impacts on people working in the creative industries.

Patients’ breathing test comes up short on accuracy

Women holds chest as she breathes heavily
A routine test used to monitor patients’ breathing may be unreliable and putting them at risk, a study suggests.

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