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Surveys assess impact of pandemic on conflict

The Covid-19 pandemic’s effect on peace agreements and ceasefires around the world is to be captured in a series of surveys.

Firms report cash flow concerns as crisis hits

A nationwide survey of the impact of Covid-19 on business shows 68% of the UK’s entrepreneurs have cashflow concerns.

Economic activity halved in Spain’s lockdown

Economic activity in Spain reduced by nearly a half during the coronavirus lockdown, a study shows.

Care home staff get expert help to ease strain

Care home workers are being offered specialist support as they deal with unusually high death rates prompted by Covid-19.

Abdominal fat cells could aid sepsis fight

Key cells found in abdominal fat tissue could aid the fight against life-threatening infections including sepsis, research suggests.

Physical activity aids pupil attention in class

Outdoor classroom breaks involving 15 minutes of physical activity may improve children’s attention, memory and wellbeing, a study suggests.

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