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Antarctic ice sheet retreat slowed by ocean changes

Widespread collapse of a vast and globally important region of Antarctica is not inevitable at present, new research suggests.

Volunteers needed to boost study into nation’s health

Every adult and young person in Scotland is being invited to join a major study that will help shape the nation’s healthcare.

Violence was widespread in early farming society

Violence and warfare were widespread in many Neolithic communities across Northwest Europe, a period associated with the adoption of farming, new research suggests.

Lower voting age boosts participation in elections

Younger first-time voters in Scotland retain a habit of voting in elections and participate in greater numbers than older first-time voters, a study suggests.

Fertiliser price rise could see millions malnourished

High fertiliser prices could put an additional 100 million people at risk of undernourishment, research shows.

Young people want trustworthy mental health apps

Young people may not be receiving the mental health support they need because of a lack of trust in the smartphone apps that deliver such services, a study suggests.

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