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AI centre stage in new take on Festival Fringe

Since the Edinburgh Festival Fringe began, its events listings have paraded an eclectic mix of shows.

UK visitors vital for tourism lift, data shows

Scotland’s tourism sector should target UK visitors ahead of overseas markets to kickstart a revival post-lockdown, research reveals.

Covid-19 diaries put changing lives in focus

Volunteers are being invited to record their lockdown experiences to help researchers assess Covid-19’s impact on Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Dark matter riddle comes to light in galaxy study

Astronomers are grappling with a puzzle that suggests dark matter is more evenly spread across the Universe than previously thought.

Novel pairing ponders matters of deception

A unique creative partnership is to seek fresh perspectives on the complex ethical questions associated with identity deception.

Research drive seeks to shape a better society

A new UK-wide collective that champions dynamic research across the arts, humanities and social sciences has been welcomed by senior staff.

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