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Hunt begins for genes to unlock mystery of ME

A quest to find the genetic signal to one of the world’s most puzzling medical conditions is being led by Edinburgh researchers.

Experts assess digital impact on Muslim lives

How digital technology is shaping European Muslims’ views on a range of faith-related issues will be the focus of an Edinburgh-led research project.

Research hub for student mental health launched

A new network to boost research into student mental health and wellbeing in Scotland has been launched.

Music in childhood boosts brains in later life

Taking up a musical instrument in childhood and adolescence is associated with improved thinking skills in older age, research shows.

Treatment for fatal lung disease in babies closer

A computer generated image of a pair of lungs
The fight against a devastating lung condition in newborn babies could be helped by the discovery that it is caused by a deficiency in a particular protein.

Therapy trial offers breast cancer patients hope

Women with an early form of breast cancer are more likely to stay free of the disease after an extra radiotherapy boost, new research shows.

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