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Musical time machine recreates lost performance

inside linlithgow palace virtually
Virtual reality and ground-breaking acoustic techniques are being used to recreate historical music performances that took place more than half a millennium ago.

Infants’ language more advanced than first words

Babies can recognise combinations of words even before they have uttered their first word, a study suggests, challenging ideas of how children learn language.

New centre joins European supercomputing network

The University’s supercomputing centre, EPCC, is collaborating with another leading UK facility as part of a new Europe-wide network.

Studies reveal burden of long Covid

Woman with a headache grasping her head
The majority of people hospitalised by Covid-19 have not fully recovered months after discharge, two major studies have revealed.

Exhibit honours ladies who launched bold plan

It was a daring philanthropic endeavour conceived in the so-called Athens of the North … but, just like Edinburgh’s ill-fated Parthenon, its lofty ambition remained unfulfilled.

Key study gauges Covid’s impact on young lives

Covid-19’s impact on children and young people with intellectual disabilities is to be assessed in a UK-wide study.

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