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Expert warns of hearing-loss diagnosis crisis

Failures at NHS Lothian's hearing service for children has caused an emergency situation in the area, according to an Edinburgh researcher.

Most stillbirth certificates are inaccurate

More than 80 per cent of UK medical certificates recording stillbirths contain errors, research reveals.

Firms inflate green energy claims, study finds

Widespread use of renewable energy certificates – bought by companies to underscore their green credentials – is masking corporate inaction on carbon emissions, research suggests.

Vaccine campaign to free Indian state from rabies

One man with a face covering holds a puppy while another man also in a face covering vaccinates a super cute puppy
Data-driven, One Health approach puts Goa on target to eliminate disease and save lives.

Pandemic Science Hub to fight lung disease

Scientists work at the Baillie Gifford Pandemic Science Hub
A new multi-million pound research programme to develop treatments for lung infections such as Covid-19 and future pandemics has been announced at the University of Edinburgh with support from a significant donation by Baillie Gifford.   

Tidal blade facility at leading edge of green energy testing

The world’s first rapid testing facility for tidal turbine blades, which researchers say can speed up development of marine energy technologies while helping to reduce costs, has opened for business.

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