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Latest news on animal research at the University.

Modified surgery resolves cattle neuromuscular condition 

White male cattle stand in a green field.
Farm specialists develop speedy, simplified method of surgery to treat disorder affecting hind limbs. 

Data reveals genetic diversity in horses' immune systems

Insights into the genetic makeup of horses point to a wide variety of newly discovered immune-related genes to identify and fight disease.

£3.3m award supports research into tackling bird flu 

A colony of gannets is seen nesting on Bass Rock in Scotland.
Next phase of UK collaboration builds on discoveries around disease immunity, transmission and evolution. 

Gene-edited chickens in fight against bird flu

Two identical white chickens pictured against a grey background
Scientists have used gene editing techniques to identify and change parts of chicken DNA that could limit the spread of the bird flu virus in the animals.

French bulldogs puppies prone to elbow fractures 

A brown French bulldog puppy stands in an urban park, looking to the left.
Breed’s risk of front limb injury in first year of life may be linked to common bone fissures, scans suggest. 

Study offers path to diagnosing gut conditions in cats

Danielle gun moore cats
Biological molecules found in blood serum could be used to distinguish between gastrointestinal cancer and chronic bowel inflammatory diseases, pilot study finds.

Condition score system identifies likely outcomes for dogs 

vet weighing dog on scales
Screening test for nutritional health at time of diagnosis with protein-losing enteropathy can predict outcome for dogs. 

TB vaccine protects calves in first weeks of life 

Three dairy calves inside a barn
Inoculation within the first month of life is effective, offering greater scope for protecting calves against disease. 

Obituary: Professor Sir Ian Wilmut

A photograph of Professor Sir Ian Wilmut kneeling beside Dolly the sheep
The University is saddened to hear of the death of Professor Sir Ian Wilmut, who has passed away at the age of 79.

New tech is step towards lab-grown blood vessels

Human cells in red, green or blue are arranged in layers to create a microscopic cell rainbow against a black background
Innovative technology that creates ultra-thin layers of human cells in tube-like structures could spur development of lifelike blood vessels and intestines in the lab.

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