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Fluorescent probe can track cancer drug progress

Animal Welfare and Ethics
Early diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients could be helped by new imaging technology that sheds light on the effectiveness of immunotherapy drugs.

Scientist recognised for animal welfare research

Dr Martin with dog on the beach
Dr Jessica Martin has been named Early Career Researcher of the Year in recognition of her work to minimise animal suffering.

Partners speed development of cystic fibrosis therapy

Microscopic image of a lung
Researchers and commercial partners agree to advance work on gene therapy for life-threatening lung condition.

Drug firm licenses cancer discovery

A new drug compound, discovered using studies with mice, is set to be transformed into medicines for hard-to-treat cancers.

Inside-out mini-guts aid research into poultry

Newsflash Organoids
Development of a 3D model from stem cells will support studies into common infections and chicken immunity.

Mouse model paves way to study late stages of MS

Researchers have developed a new way to study multiple sclerosis in mice that will enable them to investigate potential treatments for the late stages of the disease.

Agreement targets disease-resistant gene-edited pigs

Researchers and commercial partners to continue collaboration on developing pigs resistant to Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome.

Research training aims to boost quest for cures

Brown laboratory mouse in a handling tube
Experts have launched an online course to train scientists in robust experimental research to help optimise the chances of finding new treatments for human and animal diseases.

Drug acts as Trojan horse to kill cancer cells

A light-activated drug that can enter and kill cancer and bacterial cells without harming nearby healthy cells has been tested successfully in zebrafish and cells.

Poultry study points to genes linked to food bug

Brown Chicken
Variation in the response of chickens to Campylobacter helps identify key genes that may provide resistance to infection.

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