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Latest news on animal research at the University.

Laser technique offers hope to liver transplant process

Handheld laser devices that help surgeons quickly spot liver damage could transform transplant procedures, research suggests.

University leads sector on animal research openness

white mouse sitting on gloved hands of an animal technician
The University has received a Leader in Openness Award in recognition of its sector-leading efforts to improve transparency around the use of animals in research.

Body-on-a-chip research aims to reduce animal use in drug screening

Researchers have received funding for a PhD student to take forward a project aimed at developing a new tool that can quickly screen experimental drug compounds in the early stages of drug development.

TB insights may help breed healthier African cattle

Cattle in field in Cameroon
Genetic discovery could help develop cattle with resistance to bovine tuberculosis.

Gene-editing tool to speed disease studies in fish

Rainbow trout
Fast, simple method efficiently edits the genetic makeup of cells of important aquaculture species.

Cattle gene-edited to carry donor sperm

Scientists have discovered how to make male pigs, goats and cattle that can produce sperm containing the DNA of donor animals.

Surrogacy method to aid welfare in poultry research

Frozen reproductive cells hatched by surrogate hens will support the formation of a chicken biobank for breeds of chicken used in research.

Stem cell study could curb need for animal tissue

Insights into pig blood cell development could help limit the use of animals for research.

Study reveals how animals adapt to seasons

Scientists have discovered how a biological switch helps animals make the seasonal changes crucial for survival, such as growing a warm winter coat and adjusting body temperatures.

Cancer study shows cause of complex mutations

Cancer cells reproduction
Fresh insights into why some harmful substances are so efficient at causing cancer could aid the quest for better treatments.

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