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Chicken study probes resistance to food bug

Receiving gut microbes from resistant chickens does not lessen chickens’ susceptibility to bacterium that causes food poisoning.

Facility to boost research into animal and human health

Ribbon cutting at the opening of the Large Animal Research and Imaging Facility
A world-leading research facility that will provide unprecedented insights into livestock and human health has opened.

Leaky vaccines part in Marek’s disease management

Vaccines that do not prevent onward transmission or infection are more effective than previously thought in controlling the severity of a viral disease in chickens.

New method aids study of poultry infections

Fluorescent green immune cells
A method of sampling tissue could aid research into therapies for chicken lung diseases.

Dementia study reveals how proteins can stop brain signals

Fresh insights into damaging proteins that build up in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease could aid the quest for treatments.

Open approach to animal research earns accolade

The University’s work on communicating how animals are used in research has won a national award.

Endometriosis could be treated with cancer drug

Animal Welfare and Ethics
The painful symptoms of endometriosis – a chronic condition which affects millions of women - could potentially be reduced with a drug that had previously been investigated as a cancer treatment.

Deer give birth earlier as climate warms

Red deer on a Scottish island are providing scientists with some of the first evidence that wild animals are evolving to give birth earlier in the year as the climate warms.

Study could aid degenerative disease therapies

zebrafish swimming in tank
Fresh insights into how nerves connect with muscles in the body could aid the development of therapies to treat neurodegenerative diseases.

Protein has crucial role in hardening of arteries

Occluded Artery In Peripheral VascularDisease
Research led by Roslin scientists highlights a key protein linked to the formation of hardened arteries and the mechanisms behind this.

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