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Latest news on animal research at the University.

Sheep could aid insights into childhood dementia

two lambs snuggling in together
A new research approach could help progress towards therapies for a devastating childhood illness.

Staff praised for animal welfare innovations

Brown laboratory mouse in a handling tube
Innovations designed to improve the wellbeing of animals involved in research at the University have won awards at the eighth annual 3Rs symposium.

Data tool helps decipher mouse’s calls

Animal Welfare and Ethics
Technology that can help interpret inaudible calls from laboratory mice has been developed in a bid to improve research.

Animal research statistics for 2018 released

Mice on top of cage being checked by technical staff
The ten universities in the UK that conduct the highest number of animal research procedures have released their figures for 2018.

Chicken cells gene-edited to resist bird flu

Chicken eggs
Scientists have used gene-editing techniques to stop the bird flu virus from spreading in chicken cells grown in the lab.

Bid to beat superbugs aided by immune discovery

Microscope picture of bacteria
The fight against superbugs could be helped by the discovery of a potential therapy based on the body’s natural immune defences.

Early use of statin may help treat Fragile X

Photograph of a laboratory rat
Children with an inherited form of intellectual disability and autism could be helped by a medicine commonly used to lower cholesterol, if used early in life.

Immune discovery may boost cancer therapies

Brown laboratory mouse in a handling tube
Cancer therapies that use immune cells to trigger the body to attack tumours could be improved by a molecule that boosts their function.

Parkinson’s disease clues from zebrafish study

zebrafish swimming in tank
Parkinson’s patients could be helped by fresh insights gained from studies of tiny tropical fish.

Animals in Research: Any Alternatives?

Lab mouse sitting on a gloved hand
Experts from across the University are leading a public discussion about the use of animals in research at the Edinburgh Science Festival.

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