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An excess of salty food seasons the body with stress

This publication describes the impact of an excess of salty food on stress levels.

Enzyme therapy shows promise for childhood dementia

Studies involving sheep demonstrate potential benefits of enzyme replacement therapy for neurological disease with no cure.

Diabetes drug has potential to treat hardened arteries

Scientists determine processes by which metformin therapy can protect against calcification of cells in blood vessel walls.

Drug shows promise for motor neuron disease

Computer artwork of nerve cells or neurons firing.
A drug typically used to treat enlarged prostates and high blood pressure has shown promise as a potential new therapy for motor neuron disease, according to a new study.

Treatment for fatal lung disease in babies closer

A computer generated image of a pair of lungs
The fight against a devastating lung condition in newborn babies could be helped by the discovery that it is caused by a deficiency in a particular protein.

Brain immune cell limits impact of degenerative disease

Activated microglia in brown intersected by a blue band of nerve cell nuclei
Understanding the natural process that limits the impact of neurodegenerative conditions could help develop therapies.

Fluorescent probe can track cancer drug progress

Animal Welfare and Ethics
Early diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients could be helped by new imaging technology that sheds light on the effectiveness of immunotherapy drugs.

Scientist recognised for animal welfare research

Dr Martin with dog on the beach
Dr Jessica Martin has been named Early Career Researcher of the Year in recognition of her work to minimise animal suffering.

Partners speed development of cystic fibrosis therapy

Microscopic image of a lung
Researchers and commercial partners agree to advance work on gene therapy for life-threatening lung condition.

Drug firm licenses cancer discovery

A new drug compound, discovered using studies with mice, is set to be transformed into medicines for hard-to-treat cancers.

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