Animal research

Welfare responsibilities

Animal welfare is considered a responsibility of all staff, and we have dedicated roles to oversee specific areas.

It is the responsibility of all staff involved in work with animals at the University to ensure optimal animal care and welfare alongside compliance with legislation.

We work hard to encourage a ‘Culture of Care’ within all of our animal facilities, recognising that good welfare is vital for quality science.

Designated individuals have detailed responsibilities for the oversight of care and welfare of animals under ASPA (1986). These include:

  • Named Animal Care and Welfare Officers (NACWOs) within all animal units and a team of Named Veterinary Surgeons (NVSs) who provide veterinary advice and support as well as ensuring legal compliance.
  • Professional technical staff who undertake the husbandry and care of our animals and have significant experience and knowledge of a range of species.
  • Specialised technical staff with specific expertise in, for example, surgery or monitoring of disease models, who are available to advise and assist scientists.

In addition, a Named Training and Competency Officer (NTCO) and deputies oversee the large amount of training required for new staff, as well as ensuring the ongoing competency of all staff.

All of our facilities have access to round-the-clock veterinary care and support.

Home Office Guidance on the Operation of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986