Research Support Office

Research Contracts

Support for Research Agreements.

We provide contractual advice and drafting for research-related agreements, including collaborations, clinical trials, confidentiality, material and data transfer, and student assignations of intellectual property.

Support for Research Agreements.

RSO’s Contracts Team provides contract and legal support to RSO, and to the University’s academic / research community in drafting, reviewing, negotiating and signing research contracts and all related documents.

All agreements which are entered into on behalf of the University are reviewed to ensure compliance with legislation, University policies and best practice.

We are responsible for a range of research agreements, including:

  • Clinical trials / studies
  • Collaboration
  • Confidentiality (non-disclosure)
  • Data transfer
  • Funding (in conjunction with other RSO teams)
  • Memorandum of understanding / agreement
  • Material (including human tissue) transfer agreements
  • Studentships
  • Student assignation of IPR
  • Agreements for visiting researchers

If you are unsure whether a contract should be dealt with by the RSO Contracts Team, please contact us at If we are not the appropriate team, we will refer you to the correct group ( for example, Legal Services or Edinburgh Innovations ).




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