Research Support Office

Funders and RSO Guides

RSO guides to many of the main funders as well as guides for those at a particular career stage and those looking for information on specific types of grants.

Each funder, and often scheme, has different rules associated with them and they can have different eligibility criterion. In this section we provide Guides for the main UK Funders and for some specific career stages or grant types too.

These guides contain information related to eligibility, subject areas, procedures and important dates. The guides also give links to the funder’s website and to successful application examples where available.

Funders A-Z (Guides) (secured)

Insights into key Funders, their Schemes and detailed Guides.

Grant Type (secured)

Guides to specific types of Grants, for example Fellowships and Collaborative Grants

Career Stage (secured)

Useful Information on a range of Career Stage Guides for example Early Career.