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Research Professional

An online service offering access to a vast, up-to-date database of research funding opportunities.

Getting Started

Whilst connected to the University computer network you will be able to access and use Research Professional immediately, by going straight to the website and after that it is as easy as using key word searches. Additionally, you can search by discipline, award type, funder, closing date or any combination of these using the Advance Search function.

Research Professional website

Getting Started Guide

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Live Training!

Research Professional runs live, online training sessions on the second Tuesday of every month, 10:00 -11:00 GMT.

Each session provides an introduction to the Research Professional platform, demonstrates how to locate funding opportunities to match your interests, and shows how to set up email alerts to keep yourself informed of new developments.

You can view these demonstrations from your own computer, choosing to receive sound either via your computer’s mic and speakers, or by phoning in to a voice conference. You will be able to ask the presenter questions using a text chat feature.

Register to attend at this web page:

RP online demos