Edinburgh Research Office

Starting your project

On the award of your grant we assist through the project start up phase, ensuring you have the guidance and support to resource your project in line with requirements

How we work with you

We provide specialist knowledge and guidance on all aspects of post award grant management to ensure your project gets off to a good start


The Worktribe Research Management System provides the functionality to manage externally funded research projects


Information and University policies on appointing & managing staff on your project


Information for guidance on employing students on your project and the associated Stipends, Fees and IP considerations

Marie Curie Fellows

Information on the Marie Curie Fellowships together with internal procedures to follow for appointment.

Staff Timesheets and Time Recording

Guidance and requirements to follow for time recording on your project.

Research Project VAT Checking

Guidance to help you work out the VAT status of a research project.

IT Systems for Managing your Project

Access & Guidance on specific IT systems you will need to manage your project