Edinburgh Research Office

Service Standards

The Research Grants Team aims to provide a full post award grant management service to researchers and funders

Strategic Goals for Research Grants Team

  • Have Researcher and Funder Needs at the forefront of all we do
  • Work to our core values of Integrity, Expertise, Community and Collaboration
  • Increase transparency of reporting for research income and expenditure across the University and to grant holders
  • Maintain tight stewardship over the funder monies
  • Evolve systems and processes to allow for the efficient management and processing of research grants from project award to completion
  • Develop a culture of customer service and professional support to the Research Community.


Research Grants Team Service Standards

We aim to :

  • Listen to you and use your feedback to improve our services
  • Meet your information needs in an informed, friendly and respectful manner
  • Communicate with you clearly, accurately and in a timely way
  • Make timely claims to funders in accordance with agreed contractual arrangements
  • Meet milestones for key activities
  • Ensure information held is current and accurate
  • Consult with all those who have an interest in our processes and services
  • Deliver a high level of customer support.