Edinburgh Research Office

Managing your project

Once your project is active we provide ongoing advice on financial aspects of managing your project, clarifying funder terms and conditions and supporting you to manage your budget effectively and meet reporting obligations.

How we work with you

We look to work with you collaboratively throughout your project to provide guidance on all finance and post award matters

Managing Your Budget

Guidance on good financial practices to aid you with managing your budget effectively and within the correct guidelines

Currency Budgets

Guidance and policies on dealing with budgets awarded in foreign currencies

Supplements & Extensions

Information on Supplements to funding and extending a project

Awards Transfers

Information and guidance on transferring grants to or from The University of Edinburgh

Key Financial Policies

The key financial policies associated with running your project are contained in this guidance.

Audit and Assurance

How to prepare for audits and when will they occur

Record Keeping and Document Retention

Guidance on financial data retention periods

Project data and publications

Find assistance with managing your data and publishing your research