Edinburgh Research Office

Manage your award

At the ‘manage your award’ stage, we help you get your project started.

How we can help

At the ‘manage your award’ stage, we help you get your project started.

Setting up research contracts

The Research Contracts, Governance and Integrity Team provide legal advice, support and guidance for everyone involved in putting research contracts in place.

Financial management and post award administration

Research Grants Team provides post award administration, support and guidance on all financial matters relating to your research grant

Knowledge exchange and impact

Guidance on how to implement your plans for enhancing impact from your ongoing research.

Export Control

Guidance on export control legislation and relevant policies, information about who is responsible for complying with export control legislation, and how to apply for an export licence.

National Security and Investment Act 2021

The National Security and Investment Act 2021 (“NSIA”) comes into force on 4th January 2022. NSIA gives government the power to scrutinise certain dealings in shares and intellectual property (IP) and to intervene in those dealings where there is a national security concern.

Using research data from NHS Lothian

Do you use NHS Lothian data in your research? Find out more about new requirements that apply to access, security and information governance.

Responsible Research

International research: keeping your work safe and complying with legal and regulatory frameworks.