Centre for Regenerative Medicine

Bruno Péault Research Group

Tissue development, regeneration and repair

Our group studies developmental heamatopoiesis and is also interested in the identification, purification, characterization and medical use of multipotent progenitor cells present in all tissues throughout life. The prototype of such ubiquitous progenitor cells is the mesenchymal stem cell, of which we have documented the native perivascular origin.

Working closely with our twin laboratory at the University of California at Los Angeles, we study the biology of perivascular stem cells and their possible role in tissue development, renewal and repair. Importantly, we have already engaged into the medical “translation” of these cells, principally for bone and cartilage regeneration.

Professor Bruno Péault

Group Leader

Group Members

Eleni Besi (PhD Student)

Joan Casamitjana (PhD Student)

Murtadhah Jalal (PhD Student)

Daniel Lerman (PhD student)

Isaac Shaw (PhD Student)

Neelima Thottappillil (PhD Student)

Li Yenn Yong (Research Fellow)