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Name (sorted in ascending order) Thesis title Email
Aaron Alonso Torrens Is anterior-posterior identity of neurons important in development and regeneration? A.Alonso-Torrens@sms.ed.ac.uk
Graham Anderson The Role of Ultraviolet Radiation in Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Onset and Pathogenesis – an In Vitro Study s1139761@ed.ac.uk
Eric Antunes Identification of the cell of origin in MLLAF9 - associated infant leukaemia e.antunes@ed.ac.uk
Sunniva Bøstrand Oligodendroglial Dysfunction in Huntington's Disease sunniva.bostrand@ed.ac.uk
Azzurra De Pace Regulatory RNA and the immortal lineage azzurral.depace@ed.ac.uk
Hannah Esser h.esser@sms.ed.ac.uk
Marisa da Fonseca Ferreira The influence of cholangiocyte senescence and its senescence-associated secretory phenotype on hepatocyte to cholangiocyte differentiation marisa.ferreira@ed.ac.uk
Matthew French Direct cell-cell communication mediating cell fate decisions in NMPs m.a.french@sms.ed.ac.uk
Katharine Furlong s1773235@sms.ed.ac.uk
Asier Galarza Torre Non-coding RNA and the immortal lineage asier.galarza@ed.ac.uk
Sophie Glendinning Investigating the relationship between LRRK2 kinase activity and a-synuclein pathology s.glendinning-3@sms.ed.ac.uk
Adelle Greene “Understanding Haematopoietic stem cell development through global single-cell gene expression analysis” A.Greene-1@sms.ed.ac.uk
Abbie Guild Structural and functional analyses of Nanog and Sox2 in ESCs A.J.Guild@sms.ed.ac.uk
Madeleine Heep Exploring the mechanism and function of SPOCD1, a novel effector of piRNA-directed DNA methylation m.heep@sms.ed.ac.uk
Nina-Lydia Kazakou Understanding the role of different oligodendrocyte ‘states’ to successfully improve remyelination in multiple sclerosis s1241040@sms.ed.ac.uk
Kay Kong s1311335@sms.ed.ac.uk
Gabriela Konieczny s1448979@sms.ed.ac.uk
Craig Leighton Investigating oligomerisation and post-translational modification of α-synuclein s1681074@sms.ed.ac.uk
Alisha May Investigating the effect of the KLF1-E325K mutation on the macrophage compartment of the erythroid island niche a.may-1@sms.ed.ac.uk
John McKendrick Adult Progenitors, Their Niche and Ageing s1773846@sms.ed.ac.uk
Ella Mercer The role of cholinergic signalling in regulating inflammation of the salivary glands following radiotherapy. ella.mercer@ed.ac.uk
Leslie Nitsche The role of cell cycle exit in EHT and the haematopoietic niche l.nitsche@ed.ac.uk
Tessa Procter How do dysfunctional endothelial cells in cerebral small vessel disease modulate surrounding oligodendroglia through secretion of heat shock protein 90 alpha?
Karin Purshouse karin.purshouse@ed.ac.uk
Theresa Schoepp Non-coding RNA and the immortal lineage t.schoepp@sms.ed.ac.uk
Emma Shaw Investigating whether Human Embryonic stem cell derived Neuromesodermal progenitors require positional identity to produce spatially restricted progeny? e.s.shaw@sms.ed.ac.uk
Foteini (Fenia) Tsouki Investigating the role of microglia in synaptic pathology in multiple sclerosis f.tsouki@ed.ac.uk
Darren Wisniewski Can you point me in the right dimenson? : Polarity and cell fate s1668999@sms.ed.ac.uk