Institute for Regeneration and Repair

High Content Screening

The High Content Screening facility contains equipment for assay development (throughput and miniaturisation), high throughput imaging and subsequent high content data analysis for internal and external users.

The facility provides a complete semi-automated workflow for increased assay throughput and screening.

For prices and booking information, please contact Dr Justyna Cholewa-Waclaw.

Dr Justyna Cholewa-Waclaw

High Content Screening Facility Manager

  • Institute for Regeneration and Repair

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Columbus image analysis server

High Content Image analysis software

Liquid handlers

Our facility is equipped in liquid handlers which support semi-automated workflow for assay development and phenotypic screening.

Opera Phenix Plus high content spinning disk confocal

An automated spinning disk confocal for high content imaging

Vectra Polaris Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging System

Imaging system which enables identification and quantification of multiple biomarkers